HR Tech Update: How conducting values assessments with HR tech creates a purpose-driven workplace


Modern organisations and the contemporary candidate pools of today prioritise values more than ever – principles such as inclusivity and diversity, transparency, integrity, and accountability are incredibly important to forming cohesive, like-minded workplaces. More than ever, human resource professionals can use advanced technological and digital solutions to conduct thorough values assessments with candidates, which offers numerous benefits to the organisation and the candidate alike. 

Technology can streamline the process of candidate values assessments as well as providing analyses backed by data, ensuring that the core beliefs of the organisation align with those of the candidates who have entered the recruitment process. Assessing someone’s values before they decide to join the company provides advantages including:

Improved organisational culture: Finding people who mesh well with a company’s culture fosters a harmonious working environment, where conflicts can be solved amicably and engagement can thrive. Gauging what a candidate’s beliefs, workplace priorities, and principles are is essential to making sure they will be a good cultural fit. This also leads to better team dynamics, which may be crucial for companies whose departments are very interdependent, or in fast-paced, stressful environments.

Enhanced job satisfaction: When employees find a company whose organisational values align with their own wants, needs, and goals, they’re more likely to stay committed to their role.

Higher performance levels: Being able to better communicate and coordinate with your team members will lead to improved performance. Employees will be more motivated to contribute to their company’s goals and support its values through their work.

Long-term retention: Hiring and training new employees is costly and time-consuming, making employee retention a priority. Those who genuinely believe in and identify with the values of their company will want to continue in their roles long-term, improving loyalty and retention rates.

HR technology that supports values assessments can improve them by providing a fair and objective analysis of the assessment. It can also save on time and costs by automating certain tasks, enabling those in HR to go through larger pools of candidates at a faster rate. Drawmetrics is one values-focused platform that companies in Southeast Asia can integrate into their processes. It uses a mix of candidate data and unique drawing-based evaluations to assess an individual’s thinking, personality, and values.

A fair values assessment that is technology-enabled allows HR to see incredibly critical information that isn’t usually included in a candidate’s resume. It can be used not just to the company’s benefit, but also to demonstrate to candidates how great of a choice the company will be as an employer.

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