HR Tech Update: How tech-supported HR events foster stronger talent, development, and team building


HR teams can hold events for a number of purposes and in many settings, from virtual conferences to in-person workshops. Events can benefit multiple HR functions, such as a talent fair opening new candidate pools for recruitment, or webinars that get employees on the same page in their learning and development journeys. While the benefits of creating HR-focused events are many, organising, finalising, and actually hosting an event isn’t an easy task.

HR departments that seek to use events to enhance employee engagement, foster a more positive work culture, spread knowledge, and promote team development can use associated technology applications, simplifying arduous processes. The right tech platform can enable HR to more effectively lead and plan events such as:

            • Webinars and seminars
            • Networking conferences
            • Employee recognition events
            • Teambuilding exercises
            • Training and development workshops
            • Career expos

Events like these have a lot of moving parts, and without a tech solution they would demand a dedicated team of HR professionals to track. Physical or hybrid events that require on-site attendance can become even more complicated, with the possibility of needing to allocate time for socialising, setting up stages and equipment, finding suitable locations and more.
SeeMeCV is a virtual fair application, an example of using technology to enable more seamless event organisation and leadership, as well as providing more value for the company by allowing for real-time engagement analysis. This cloud-based platform can also offer a more cost-effective means of organising customisable events by replacing or reducing the need to hire event coordinators, and directly linking HR with vendors and exhibitors.

With this kind of technology, it’s also possible to more easily integrate virtual elements into a physical event, such as providing a virtual webinar from an expert in a different country, livestreaming parts of the event for employees working remotely, or adding online and video attractions and entertainment. Events like this can connect job seekers, employees, upper management, and recruiters. They also serve as a chance for the company to market itself, establishing the brand as an active leader in the industry.

Using a tech solution that can collect real-time data during the event is also valuable. This data can be used by HR to create insights into what worked for their company, what can be improved, and how much the employees benefitted. By embracing virtual and tech-enabled components, HR professionals can reap the benefits of a more engaged workforce and a streamlined event process.

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