HR Tech Update: reducing time to hire takes centre stage in HR Tech trends

Human resource professionals, listen up: in a fiercely competitive talent market, finding the right hires quickly is crucial for business success, and the latest HR tech trends show exactly that.

AMS, the global talent solutions business, has recently shared data from its talent technology analysis platform, AMS Verified, revealing that 72% of members searched for technology to reduce the time to hire.

With 66% of members aiming to increase the quality of hire and 50% targeting improved candidate satisfaction, it’s clear that HR professionals are keen to leverage innovative solutions in their quest for top talent.

Launched just half a year ago, AMS Verified allows members to explore and receive in-depth product analysis on over 160 leading talent technology solutions worldwide.

This anonymised data offers valuable insights into the priorities of over 150 talent acquisition professionals.

This growing focus on reducing time to hire aligns with recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, which reported 828,000 jobs added to the U.S. economy in just the first two months of 2023.

With such a tight labour market, the race for skills is on, emphasising the need for HR professionals to secure the right talent for their organisations promptly.

Nicky Hancock, Managing Director, Americas Region at AMS, highlighted the significance of these trends: “The labour market in the U.S. remains at its tightest in 50 years.

With record vacancies facing a significantly smaller workforce, the competition for talent remains fierce. This is reflected in the technology that talent professionals are looking for to help them fill open roles.”

Jonathan Kestenbaum, Managing Director, Technology Strategy & Partners at AMS, added: “HR technology trends are changing quickly.

You only need to look at the recent noise around ChatGPT to see that organisations are open, now more than ever, to new and innovative ways of finding the right hires to enable their business success.”

In response to these trends, AMS Verified will soon allow members to search for products based on specific business problems, further streamlining the process of identifying and implementing the most effective HR technology solutions.

So, for HR professionals in search of cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead of the talent curve, AMS Verified is the go-to platform for discovering the latest innovations in HR tech that can make a real difference in securing the best hires for your organisation.

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