Indonesia unveils national strategy to bolster AI ecosystem

Indonesia is accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) innovation by unveiling a refreshed national strategy.

The 2045 Artificial Intelligence National Strategy (Stratnas AI) aims to enhance AI usage in the public sector, ensuring Indonesia isn’t left behind in the AI race.

Stratnas AI focuses on five areas: health, bureaucratic reform, education and research, food security, and smart city development.

Professor Hammam Riza, President of the Indonesian Artificial Intelligence Industry Research and Innovation Collaboration (KORIKA), highlighted that a robust digital infrastructure and sufficient medical data are crucial for AI implementation in health care.

Moreover, Hammam stressed on strategic policy focus and collaboration among stakeholders for maximising the benefits of AI.

A draft Presidential Regulation on the National Strategy for AI, awaiting the President’s signature, will provide a legal framework for AI-related programmes and business models in Indonesia.

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