Inspiring positive change at Sony Music Entertainment

Producing engaging music that crosses borders may look simple, especially with the innate ‘viral’ culture of online media platforms. However, Sony Media Entertainment not only pursues the commercial success of its business; it also actively participates in addressing global issues.

Wendy Weehuizen, Vice President for People Experience in Asia and the Middle East, for example, highlights the company’s efforts in empowering underserved women and girls. 

The organisation’s Global Social Justice Fund emphasises SME’s commitment to promoting positive change by supporting social justice, equal rights, and anti-racist initiatives. 

“In certain parts of the world, social issues on education, work, and safety disproportionately affect women and girls, and the pandemic has exacerbated these,” says Weehuizen. “In South Asia, female workforce participation rates are as low as 24%. Our Global Social Justice Fund for Asia supports initiatives tackling this, promoting social justice and anti-racism and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.” 

For this project, Sony Music Entertainment worked with three beneficiaries, including SPARK! Philippines. It provided easy access to education, and skills development opportunities for underserved women and girls who are victims of domestic and sexual abuse.

The compmay’s Season of Giving programme provided charity organisations across Asia and the world with a substantial dollar-for-dollar donation-matching initiative. Every dollar donation from an employee counts twice.  

“We will continue providing coaching and embedding an entrepreneurial mindset amongst our people. Our leadership teams lead by example, champion, and create opportunities for our diverse talent to succeed.” Weehuizen says.

She says HR strategy is most effective when linked closely to business delivery and results; a leader should be productive, forward-thinking, and agile in creating a purpose-driven culture.

“We also need more diverse role models to foster the culture that our workforce experiences daily, and enlightened leaders who champion and create opportunities for diverse talent to succeed,” she says. “Change begins in the individual with a conscious effort to successfully effect and embed transformation in an organisation for the future. Our People Experience team hopes to inspire this within Sony Music Entertainment.” 

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