Jakarta is one of the ‘best cities’ in the world for workcations, survey

IWG’s study compared the nine key criteria – climate, culture, accommodation, transport, food & drink, happiness, broadband speed, and the availability of flexible workspace. Ranking the cities out of 10, Jakarta emerged as part of the TOP 10 attributing it to the city’s vibrant and laid back culture.

The concept of “workcations,” experienced a surge in popularity with the rise of hybrid work arrangements. Travelers engage in work while vacationing in foreign destinations. According IWG, 88% of hybrid workers embraced the idea of ‘working from anywhere (WFA)’ in the past year. Remarkably, nearly 57% of these individuals extended their vacations by seamlessly blending work and leisure in foreign locales.

This emerging work style has garnered significant traction within office-based professionals. A substantial 67% of workers are confident in their ability to effectively carry out their job responsibilities from abroad. Moreover, a noteworthy 71% expressed their preference for job opportunities that provide the flexibility to work remotely, even if only part of the time.

The study underlines that the foremost advantage of remote work is an enhanced work-life balance, a sentiment shared by 76% of respondents. Additionally, a considerable 52% value the opportunity to spend more quality time with friends and family abroad. Financial benefits also play a role, with 47% citing the ability to save money by traveling during off-peak periods. Lastly, 30% relish the prospect of elongated vacations as another enticing perk.

Among the top 10 cities are:

  1. Barcelona
  2. Toronto
  3. Beijing
  4. Milan
  5. New York
  6. Rio de Janeiro
  7. Amsterdam
  8. Paris
  9. Jakarta
  10. Lisbon

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