Kredivo Group: fostering collaboration, innovation, and fun

Kredivo Group has earned the esteemed Best Workplace Culture and Environment award in HR Stars Awards 2023, showcasing not only its fintech excellence but also its exceptional workplace culture.

At the core of Kredivo’s success lies a vibrant culture of collaboration, innovation, and fun. Employees, known as KrediKrew, are empowered to shape their own Kredivo experience. The company invests in individual growth through a robust training fund, enabling KrediKrew members to access relevant learning resources of their choice, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Employee well-being is a top priority for Kredivo. Comprehensive wellness programs, such as Fettle and Intellect, focus on mental and physical health, leading to higher engagement and productivity.

Kredivo Group fosters a strong sense of community through the #Ngajak initiative, encouraging employees to form interest-based groups with a budget for activities. Employee-led initiatives, including charity drives, further strengthen camaraderie and a sense of belonging.

Recognition and appreciation are fundamental values at Kredivo. Meetings begin with shoutouts, and outstanding work is celebrated during monthly company calls. The Hat Tip and Workversary Awards acknowledge employee dedication, while the Spirit of Innovation and Team Recognition Awards honour exceptional collaboration.

Open channels for feedback ensure that KrediKrew voices are heard. Regular engagement surveys and various feedback mechanisms empower employees to provide input.

An impressive 95.8% of team members express feeling empowered and supported, underscoring Kredivo’s commitment to an exceptional workplace culture.

Kredivo Group’s workplace culture stands as an inspiration for organisations seeking a collaborative, innovative, and thriving environment. Their dedication to employee well-being, recognition, innovation, and fun has rightfully earned them the title of Best Workplace Culture and Environment winner in Indonesia. As Kredivo continues to excel in both fintech and employee satisfaction, they exemplify how a positive workplace culture drives success in a dynamic business landscape.

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