Malaysian youth urged towards skills training over entering gig economy

After the recent cohort of the Malaysian Certificate of Education (equivalent to Singapore’s O-levels), it was discovered that 26% of Malaysian youth leaving school intend to enter gig driving as a career.

Chin Yee Whah, professor of sociology at Universiti Sains Malaysia, shared his concern due to gig drivers continually earning less in post-pandemic Malaysia. This is mainly due to higher competition and the end of Covid-19-related movement restrictions.

While drivers could earn as much as RM4,000 (over S$1,160) monthly years ago, these days even full-time driver Iqbal Syamil Hamdan’s makes about RM1,500 or over S$430 per month.

Chin also calls on teachers and community leaders to provide career mentoring for young people, encouraging youth who are “not academically inclined” to focus on skills training which would have more potential in giving them a footing in life.

Likewise, part-time civil servant and driver Hisyam Yusuf urges youth not to opt for low-skilled gig jobs just for quick money. “This will hamper your long-term career prospects,” he said.

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