Malaysia’s mid-term plan: Invest on digital, knowledge-based economy

The Malaysian government has announced the three focus areas of the mid-term review of the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP). These are accelerating digitalisation and innovation, improving human capital, and promoting sustainable development.

The government plans to invest RM150 billion in digitalisation over the next five years. This investment will be used to develop a digital economy, promote innovation, and ensure that everyone has access to digital technologies. To oversee the implementation of the digitalisation agenda, National Digital Economy Corporation (NDEC) will be created.

An investment of RM100 billion will go to education and training over the next five years. This investment will be used to improve the quality of education, promote lifelong learning, and create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive. To guide the development of the education system, a new National Education Blueprint will be developed.

Finally, RM50 billion will be invested to sustainable development over the next five years. This investment will be used to ensure environmental sustainability, promote social inclusion, and reduce poverty. The government also plans to introduce a new National Policy on Sustainable Development to guide the country’s efforts in this area.

The mid-term review of the 12MP is a significant development in Malaysia’s economic and social development. The government’s focus on digitalisation, human capital, and sustainable development is essential to ensuring that Malaysia remains competitive in the global economy and achieves its goals of shared prosperity and sustainable development.

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