Medical tech company offers training for healthcare providers

Medical tech company Smith + Nephew (S+N) recently launched its S+N Academy Singapore, aiming to provide medical education and digital innovation for healthcare professionals in the Asia-Pacific region.

S+N Academy Singapore offers an immersive and interactive training environment for healthcare professionals, where they can experience innovative technologies and enhance their skills under the guidance of expert peers.

“We are proud to open S+N Academy Singapore which will provide the right environment and tools for thought leaders to challenge the status quo, refining new technologies and surgical techniques to improve outcomes for patients. We look forward to welcoming healthcare professionals to experience this unique medical innovation experience,” Deepak Nath, CEO of Smith+Nephew said.

The S+N Academy Singapore includes state-of-the-art digital operating suites with handheld robotics, 4K arthroscopy towers for surgical navigation tools and more. The digital experience is supported by a virtual reality simulation studio, a tech-enabled teaching auditorium, and a professional broadcast studio where experts can record and live-stream surgical techniques to educate fellow healthcare professionals across the globe.

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