Mental health risk rises among employees in Asia

A study has found that a majority of employees in Asia are at risk of developing mental health illnesses, with stress, anxiety, and burnout identified as key drivers of reduced productivity.

The Aon TELUS Health Asia Mental Health Index report surveyed 13,000 employees in 12 countries across Asia including Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam late last year, found that 82% of respondents have a high (35%) to moderate (47%) mental health risk.

“These findings are a stark reminder of the growing mental health burden among employees in Asia,” said Tim Dwyer, Chief Executive Officer, Health Solutions, Asia Pacific, Aon. “Organisations need to take action to support their employees’ wellbeing, not only to improve productivity and morale, but also to create a more inclusive and supportive workplace.”

The report identified a number of barriers that are preventing mental health issues from being addressed in the workplace, including cost, lack of information, and the stigma attached to mental health issues. Over half of the respondents (54%) also believe that their career opportunities would stall should their employers find out about their mental health issues.

“Organisations need to assuage these fears and implement support structures to help employees address their mental health needs,” said Dwyer. “This could include providing access to confidential counseling services, employee assistance programs, and training on mental health awareness and prevention.”

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