Minister emphasises the role of doctors in HR development

Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Cultural Affairs Muhadjir Effendy has underscored the strategic role doctors and health workers have in advancing human resource development programmes in Indonesia.

In a recent statement, he stressed their importance in fostering mentally and physically healthy people, which in turn will improve the productivity of the organisations they work for.

Effendy noted that government efforts to develop a “golden, quality generation” require strong health conditions from an early stage.

Improving health among individuals aged 15 to 64 was crucial for their active participation in national development, making the role of doctors and health workers vital.

Effendy urged them to create innovative breakthroughs to support human resource development through sustainable health programmes.

He also encouraged medical professionals to contribute to the ongoing national health transformation, which aims to create a robust national health system for the welfare and health of the nation.

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