More than 50% of Singaporeans consider taking on a second job

Fifty-nine percent of workers in Singapore are looking for new jobs, asking for extra shifts and switching to cheaper brands as everyday expenses eat up a bigger chunk of their paychecks, a new research from software company Qualtrics found.

Drawing on insights from 1,015 full-time and part-time workers in Singapore, the study showed that 46% of respondents said it is harder for them to afford their current living expenses compared to 12 months ago. About 31% said the current economic climate will impact their spending habits for more than a year.

The desire for more money is not just limited to those looking outside their current job.

Fifty-five percent of those surveyed also want the opportunity to work overtime or extra shifts, and 53% have spoken or are planning to speak with their employers about increasing their salary at some point in time.

The research also found that 65% of respondents have looked at or plan to look for jobs with higher salaries, and 55% have looked at or plan to look for a second job. This means over half of the people living in the garden state have considered holding multiple jobs, or leaving their current one to keep up with their living expenses.

“In the current macroeconomic environment, knowing what matters most to employees and customers is mission critical for every organisation.”

“By understanding peoples’ needs, businesses and governments can deliver products, services, and support that positively impacts the people they serve, which will ultimately help them find and keep customers, attract and retain talent, and mitigate risk,” said Lauren Huntington, Employee Experience Solution Strategist at Qualtrics.

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