Only 48% of SME managers confident in L&D initiatives

SINGAPORE: Less 50% of managers in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are confident in applying learning and development (L&D) initiatives in their workplace, a report by NTUC’s LearningHub found.

The State of Workplace Learning Report 2022 surveyed 450 full-time professionals in Singapore, including 150 managers and 300 working professionals. The report uncovered the dual perspective on the roles of managers in employee learning.

The survey found that 30% of SME employees said learning and development aren’t important to their organisation compared to those working in non-SMEs (15%).

Seventy-one percent of managers in larger companies are however of a different view, with the respondents saying that they are confident in applying L&D strategies to improve their employees’ skills and working environment.

Commenting on the findings, Yeo Wan Ling, Director of NTUC U SME said, “SMEs in Singapore face challenges in prioritising training among workers while expressing concerns over the cost of training and development.

“As a result, many of them prefer to adopt ‘on-the-job’ training and ‘peer-to-peer’ learning as it complements the operational needs well. However, such arrangements may not have an adequate structured curriculum and framework”.

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