PH companies face challenges in implementing diversity and inclusion

The report, which surveyed over 400 HR professionals and 2,200 employees, found that 44% of respondents said that the perception gap between employees who feel included and leaders who believe they are included is a barrier to diversity and inclusion efforts. 36.2% of HR professionals are also neutral on the implementation of D&I strategies, while only 17.6% said that they are very strongly implemented.

The report also found that underrepresented groups, such as gender minorities, ethnic minorities, people over 50, religious minorities, and people with disabilities, are less involved in formulation and implementation strategies.

However, the results show equitable compensation packages are a key solution to creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

Arlene de Castro, Chief People and Customer Officer of Sprout Solutions said that D&I is an essential part of creating a safe and productive workplace.

“Filipinos need to feel safe in their workplaces and no one should ever be cut off from opportunities because of their background,” de Castro said.

She added that it can lead to a more positive and engaged workforce.

“Investing in the employee experience helps everyone feel valued, supported, and empowered,” de Castro said. “This, in turn, encourages them to do their best work.”

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