Prudential’s new app eases SME’s insurance needs

SINGAPORE: Prudential Singapore recently launched a mobile app to help employees of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) manage their group insurance with ease.

The Business@Pulse app also allows individuals to view their medical and employee benefits, as well as submit claims any time and anywhere.

HR teams and business owners can also use the app to manage their group insurance and process employee claims more easily.

The app is available to Prudential’s enterprise customers, from multinational companies to small businesses with at least three employees.

“Simplifying group insurance and making it easily available to employees through digital solutions such as Business@Pulse will encourage more companies to address the protection gap,” Dennis Tan, CEO of Prudential Singapore said.

“This will go a long way in engaging a hybrid and digital-first workforce while providing the necessary protection for employees, which (is) important in view of Singapore’s ageing workforce and rising healthcare cost.”

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