Robots to augment manpower in Malaysia’s hospitality sector

Hotels and tourist businesses in Malaysia may see more robots in their workforces following a memorandum signing between business associations and technology distributor Diverse Supply Chain.


The Malaysia Budget & Business Hotel Association, Malaysia Association Tourism Agency, and the ASEAN Retail-Chains and Franchise Federation signed a memorandum of agreement with Diverse Supply Chain, which is an exclusive distributor of Keenon Robotics’ technologies, at an event (pictured) on February 17.

The memorandum would introduce service robots, including the Butlerbot-W3, into Malaysia’s hotel and tourism industry,

“The introduction of Keenon’s robots  is aimed to revitalise the tourism industry in Malaysia by delivering an unparalleled and safe guest experience,” a spokesperson for Diverse Supply Chain said. “The Butlerbot-W3’s = features, such as autonomous elevator use and zero-contact privacy-focused room delivery, make it the ideal solution for hotels and tourism businesses.”

Service robots distributed by DSC are currently being used by around 60 brands in Malaysia’s retain and food and beverage industry.

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