Salary expectations rising amongst graduating students

Singaporean students expect to earn an average annual salary of SGD 50,388 upon entering the workforce, with men’s expectations generally higher than those of graduating women.
Universum’s Most Attractive Employers Rankings for 2022 showed that male students expected an annual salary of SGD 54,210 in their first job, while women expected to earn 13% less, at SGD 47,180 per year.
Computer software and technology, education, and banking were the top three preferred industries for those surveyed, with 19% (each) of the 2022 cohort planning to enter those fields. These were followed by e-commerce, and IT and consulting, tied at 17% each.
Twenty-two percent of female students were seeking jobs in education, while another 21% wanted jobs in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector. A further 19% sought jobs in e-commerce.
Meanwhile, 26% of male students sought jobs in computer software and technology; 22% were looking in IT and engineering consulting, and 21% sought graduate work in banking.
Universum had a survey pool of 7,348 university students, from six Singapore universities, across 100 areas of study.

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