Seasoned HR leader Regan Taikitsadaporn unveils staying power at Marriott

Regan Taikitsadaporn, Chief HR Officer, Marriott International (Asia-Pacific) spoke with Chief of Staff Asia, and gave a fearless forecast about the future of HR in the hotels and hospitality industry.

Regan Taikitsadaporn “glocalises” Marriott’s diversity initiatives

Taikitsadaporn underscores the critical role that HR will play over the next decade in determining whether each organisation will struggle or thrive.

“The hospitality industry relies on people to deliver exceptional guest experiences,” he says. “As businesses grapple with talent shortages and the necessity to hire and retain top-notch staff, HR professionals will be key in helping them navigate these obstacles.”

Among these challenges and opportunities are the cravings for rapid promotion and frequent movement amongst younger professional staff, the ageing populations in this part of the world, and the shrinking skilled workforce.

How does Marriott respond?

“To adapt to the changing talent landscape, we evolve to create more flexibility in the workplace, provide choices for our workforce, explore alternative talent sources, and create more interesting and meaningful work for our associates,” Taikitsadaporn enumerates.

But looking ahead amid the challenges, he still sees that the next five to 10 years will be a thrilling time for HR professionals who are effective partners, strategic thinkers, and crafters of compelling narratives.

“The future belongs to those who can tell the story of their organisation’s mission, purpose, and values and create a workplace culture that attracts and nurtures the best talent.”

On a personal note, Taikitsadaporn also walked us through his career statistics.

“I’ve been with Marriott for 23 years, worked in eight roles in four cities across two continents,” he said. “It is like I change jobs every few years while staying with a company I love, whose core values align with mine.”

He beams with pride in saying that he has contributed to the company’s Asia-Pacific growth, from fewer than 100 hotels when he first joined the company to 1,000 hotels in 23 countries and territories today.

“What has kept me going with Marriott are the career opportunities they have given, the ability to explore the many cultures, and the wonderful and talented people I get to work with.”

He aims to further improve the livelihoods of Marriott’s team members (“associates”), noting that the hospitality industry was one of the few where a line-level employee can become a general manager or rise to other senior leadership positions.

“Marriott’s People-First culture helps retain our talent,” Taikitsadaporn says. “Our focus on learning and development helps our associates grow their careers, which enables them to improve their livelihoods.”

To those who want an opportunity at Marriott, note that a key selection criteria is to find individuals who will live its culture and core values. “Teamwork, empathy, and emotional intelligence are a few of the valued qualities we look for in the hospitality industry,” he says.

“At Marriott, I’ve discovered something truly special. The company has a clear employer value proposition that resonates with me. It’s all about the culture of ‘Take Care,’ which I witness firsthand.”

He further appreciates Marriott’s commitment to providing experiences that truly matter.

Aside from the learning opportunity and growing his 23-year career, he is also glad to be in a community of a respectful and kind team of associates working together

“And perhaps most importantly, I feel a strong sense of purpose in my work. I know that I make a difference in the world and that Marriott dedicates to playing a positive role in society and the environment. It’s a privilege to be part of such a meaningful mission,” he sums up.

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