Silverlake Axis launches future skills training and scholarship

MALAYSIA: Software developer Silverlake Axis has partnered with Forward School, a technology and future skills school in Penang, Malaysia, to develop technical talent in the country.

The memorandum of understanding includes the establishment of a Silverlake Axis Sponsorship Programme, in which the company will hire deserving students from the school.

“People have always been at the core of our business strategy, and this partnership helps us take that vision forward”, Andrew Tan, Group Managing Director of Silverlake Axis (pictured) said. “We are delighted to partner with Forward School, and we hope to develop the Malaysian talent pool together.”

Sponsored students will also have the opportunity to pursue internships with Silverlake Axis before securing permanent employment after a minimum of two years of study at the Forwards School.

Malaysian students, between the ages of 18 and 30, are eligible to apply for the sponsorship, which takes grades and fields of study into account.

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