Singapore eases work visa rules for in-demand sectors

Singapore’s government has unveiled a new visa scheme, set to take effect from September, targeting foreign professionals in high-demand sectors.

The Complementarity Assessment Framework system will use point-based assessments for Employment Pass applicants, considering salary, qualifications, company diversity, and local staff ratios.

Candidates can earn bonus points for 27 jobs across the agritech, financial services, green economy, healthcare, infocomm technology, and maritime industries, which include roles such as artificial intelligence engineers, cybersecurity experts, and alternative meat scientists.

Bonus points are also granted to companies investing in the government’s strategic economic priorities, and promoting innovation.

The visa system emphasises workplace diversity and the development of a strong local workforce.

Foreign workers currently make up around a quarter of Singapore’s 5.64 million population.

The Ministry of Manpower has highlighted the necessity of skilled foreign talent to fill job positions, given the local workforce’s limitations and intensifying global competition for talent.

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