Singapore job postings declined in Q4, 2022: Indeed

The number of Singapore postings in 60% of occupational categories on international recruitment platform Indeed declined by 5% or more over the last two quarter of last year.


For those three months, job postings in the categories of therapy (-22%), scientific research (-20%) and mathematics (-19%) declined the most.

On the other hand, demand for childcare workers surged by 53% in the same time period. The categories of beauty and wellness, food preparation, and electrical engineering also saw an increase in job postings by 9.4%, 4.7% and 3.6% respectively.

Callam Pickering, Indeed economist for Asia-Pacific, said Singapore’s labour market continued to be in good shape for job seekers.

“Singapore’s labour market continues to be favourable for job seekers and challenging for recruitment,” he said. “Job seekers have greater control over where and how they work – underpinned by the number of opportunities available – and are better placed to bargain for higher wages or better conditions.”


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