Singapore job seekers prioritise seamless digital experiences

Singaporean job seekers value seamless digital experiences when searching and applying for jobs, according to a recent Cisco AppDynamics study.

The research included over 12,000 participants across 12 countries, with Singaporeans using an average of 5.6 digital services during the job hunt.

Job sites (76%), social media (56%), and company websites (55%) emerged as top preferences.

An overwhelming 99% of Singapore respondents deemed it crucial for applications and digital services to provide a fast, glitch-free experience.

Almost half (45%) would choose an employer offering a seamless digital experience, while 73% would be deterred by poorly performing digital services.

The report also revealed that 62% of Singapore respondents plan to seek new job opportunities in the next 12 months, while 68% will research potential employers.

With 86% favouring employers providing excellent digital experiences, companies must prioritise their online presence to remain competitive in the job market.

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