Singapore passport named second best in the world

The Singapore passport lets holders travel to 192 territories visa-free, making it the second most powerful passport in the world, tied with South Korea.

This is based on the latest result from the Henley Passport Index, released on January 10 this year.

“The Henley Passport Index measures visa-free access to 227 destinations across the world, which of course makes it an extremely useful tool for travelers,” said Christian Kaelin, chairperson of Henley & Partners. “However, for global citizens and international business people, a better measure of economic mobility and opportunity afforded by their passports is an indication of what share of the world’s GDP is accessible to them visa-free,” he added.

The Japanese passport topped the rankings, giving access to 193 territories visa-free. Spain and Germany tied at third place, with their access to 190 territories.

The top five territories that have the most powerful passports in Asia are Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. 

“Skills and talent go where there is the ability to work, invest, and travel, attracting others wishing to do the same and creating a positive loop,” said Trevor Williams, former chief economist at Lloyd’s Bank Commercial Banking.

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