Singapore professionals ready for AI-driven workplace

LinkedIn study found that 65% of professionals believe that AI will significantly change the way they work. Over 1 in 2 professionals (56%) are already using AI at work, and close to half (46%) said that their companies have already introduced guidelines or training plans to integrate AI into their day-to-day work.

While the new technology has ushered in feelings of uncertainty, professionals are eager to learn and will not shy away from initiating conversations about AI’s impact on their jobs with their employers. Almost half (48%) are worried that they won’t be able to keep up with AI developments sweeping through the workplace, but there is an openness to embrace the shift with the majority of them (63%) saying they want to learn about AI at work although they don’t know how to start.

With AI’s potential to free up time by reducing some of the drudgery from work, professionals are keen to shift their saved time into tasks that will advance their careers as well as highlight their soft skills. The majority of professionals in Singapore feel that AI can support half or less than half of their job scope (73%) and will become an “invisible teammate” to help them with their work in the next 5 years (79%).

Professionals are keen to use time saved from using AI to invest in:

  • Learning new skills (44%)
  • Creative and strategic work (40%)
  • Strengthening their professional networks (35%)

This age of AI will also spotlight the irreplaceable value of human skills in career advancement. Soft skills that professionals think will become more important include problem-solving (69%), adaptability and resilience (69%) and strategic thinking (67%).

Outside of Singapore, professionals in Southeast Asia say they believe that AI will create more job opportunities outside of metro or large cities because they can actively upskill in AI to be competitive, as well as leverage AI resources to work remotely.

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