Singapore to launch new flexible work arrangements guidelines

A tripartite workgroup has been formed to define the guidelines on flexible work arrangements (FWAs) in Singapore. The guidelines will be mandatory for employers to follow and are aimed at ensuring that FWA requests are fairly and properly considered, with both employers and employees’ needs in mind.

The workgroup is jointly chaired by Gan Siow Huang, Minister of State for Manpower and Education; Yeo Wan Ling, director of NTUC’s women and family unit and its small-and-medium enterprise unit; and Edwin Ng, SNEF’s honorary secretary. A smaller group within the main workgroup will develop a resource package to help employees and employers, co-chaired by Faith Li, general manager of the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices, and Aslam Sardar, chief executive of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals.

The new FWA guidelines are expected to benefit both employers and employees. Employers can attract and retain talent, while employees can achieve better work-life balance and productivity.

“The new guidelines will provide a clear framework for employers and employees to understand their rights and responsibilities,” said Gan Siow Huang. “This will help to ensure that FWA requests are considered fairly and properly, and that both employers and employees can benefit from these arrangements.”

“FWAs are an important tool for employers to attract and retain talent,” said Yeo Wan Ling. “They can also help to improve employee productivity and well-being.”

The workgroup is inviting feedback from employers, employees, and other stakeholders on the proposed guidelines. The feedback can be submitted via the Ministry of Manpower’s website.

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