Singapore to provide more upskilling opportunities for employees

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong announced that the government is studying how to provide more opportunities for Singaporeans to upskill.

These upskilling opportunities will allow employees to continue transitioning throughout their careers and keep up-to-date with new technologies or trends.

At a youth forum organised by Channel News Asia, Wong said that creating an environment where people can learn and grow throughout their lives is important for society.

He went on to say the government is working on shifting away from exams focused solely on academics towards a more holistic method of education.

“If the focus is on exams, then obviously, there’s very little time for anything else because all your priorities and energy is on the exam result, which I think a little bit too much energy and attention has been placed on that,” Wong said.

“We are trying to shift that emphasis towards more holistic learning and giving people more time, more space to explore other things outside of the school curriculum even.”

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