Singapore unveils refreshed I&C ITM to create 80,000 jobs by 2025

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Lawrence Wong, launched the updated Information & Communications (I&C) Industry Transformation Map (ITM) at the Singapore Computer Society’s 55th Anniversary Gala Dinner & Tech Leader Awards 2023.

The revamped I&C ITM aims to bolster Singapore’s digital economy and produce 80,000 well-paying jobs in the I&C sector by 2025.

This follows the success of the initial ICM ITM launched in 2017, which led to the creation of over 30,000 new resident PMET jobs.

The refreshed ITM, developed by Digital Industry Singapore (DISG), will focus on sub-sectors such as software, IT services, online services, and telcos.

The government plans to expand Digital Economy Agreements, enhance digital integration in Southeast Asia, and organise flagship events to promote collaboration.

DISG will support tech enterprises by encouraging research and product development, assisting local companies in global expansion, and attracting innovative start-ups.

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