Staff mobility enjoys a cautious rebuild: Chief of Staff research

Business travel is back on the agenda for many HR teams, but the latest Chief of Staff Asia research shows there is also an expectations gap emerging between organisations and their globe-trotting staff.

The On the Road Again: Talent Mobility in the New Normal report, released today, shows markets for business travel in Southeast Asia have been growing steadily since most movement restrictions were lifted earlier this year. But this still leaves the industry well below the quantity and value of business travel that was taking place in 2019 and before.

Travel budgets within organisations have also been slow to return to anything like their pre-Covid levels. Requests for travel from staff however, are exploding, having been pent up over the two years of border restrictions and lockdowns.

This is placing a great deal of strain on HR professionals and global mobility teams. They are being asked to do more with less, and sort out the highest priority international assignments (and assignees) from the mere nice-to-haves.

The report also notes that organisational travel policies are in need of a significant refresh for the post-Covid era, or “New Normal”. Now, more than ever, business travel should conform to greater environmental and social standards, with organisations leveraging on technology to reduce the impact of international assignments on both finances and communinities.

The On the Road Again: Talent Mobility in the New Normal report is available for free download for all Chief of Staff Asia subscribers.

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