Stricter foreign worker hiring policies to boost local hiring

Singapore Manpower Minister Tan See Leng says implementing stricter rules on hiring lower-skilled foreign workers will lead to increased recruitment of the local workforce.


“One key finding of our internal studies on foreign workforce policies is that tightening access to lower-skilled foreign workers is more likely to have a positive impact on local employment outcomes compared to tightening access to higher-skilled foreign workers. This is because businesses were able to substitute lower-skilled but cheaper foreign workers with locals, and therefore improve production processes accordingly,” Tan said.

The minister was asked, during a session of Parliament earlier this month, for the results of government studies on foreign worker quotas.

Tan added that the Ministry would not tighten controls on higher-skilled foreign professionals.

“This has informed our approach of remaining open to high-quality, foreign professionals, while maintaining a disciplined stance in regulating the number of work permit holders through quotas and levies,” he said.

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Chief of Staff Asia