Thai employers focus on flexibility, neglecting well-being and skills development

A recent Mercer Global Talent Trends Study reveals that while employers in Thailand are making progress in offering flexible work arrangements, they are falling behind in addressing employee well-being and skill development.

The study highlights that 61% of Thai employers offer flexible work options, surpassing Asia’s average of 50%.

However, only 13% provide crisis management support following traumatic events, compared to 21% in Asia.

Moreover, just 23% offer on-demand virtual mental health services, while the regional average is 26%.

Additionally, Thai HR leaders struggle to create skill-based organisations, with only 30% having internal talent marketplaces for talent sharing, compared to Asia’s 40%.

Only 22% utilise AI-driven talent intelligence platforms for understanding skills, and 43% use psychometric tools to measure potential, both lagging behind regional averages.

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