Thailand creates job opportunities for older workers

THAILAND: The Thai Labour Ministry is creating jobs for seniors in an effort to fill the country’s workforce shortage while also reducing senior citizen unemployment rates.

“The Department of Employment (DOE) has been tasked with looking into the employment of people beyond the retirement age,” Labour Minister Suchart Chomklin said.

Chomklin added that 1,007 people above 60 had been given jobs in 2021.

Citing a recent survey covering over 9,000 seniors with the potential to work, the minister also explained that 76% of seniors wanted to be self-employed, while 15% wanted full-time jobs. Only 9% were okay with either.

Meanwhile, director-general Pairoj Chotikasathien said the DOE has coordinated with various companies to create jobs for the elderly.

The top five jobs that they were offered include production workers, housekeepers, security personnel, coach staff, and drivers, Chotikasathien said.

He added that over 100 positions have been made available and 199 self-employment opportunities are also available.

“The department recently cooperated with the Business Services Alliance to hire 100 seniors and disabled persons to work as customer service staff at Café Amazon for Chance,” he added.

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