Thailand’s super-aged tackle hotel staff crisis

Thailand’s hotel industry is grappling with a worsening staff shortage.

The industry traditionally relied on a steady influx of young workers, but the post-Covid world is seeing many fresh graduates drawn to other sectors.

Meanwhile, Thailand is forecast to become a “super-aged” society by 2029, with over 20% of the population aged 65 and above.

This is pushing the hospitality sector to tap into new demographics.

Online part-time workplace start-up Saijalio is one firm seeking to harness the potential of older workers, offering a hospitality solution for hotels, condominiums, villas, and restaurants.

Founder Viona Zhang emphasised the importance of life-long learning, reskilling older individuals, and attracting a growing base of part-time resources.

Saijalio’s social mission includes providing livelihoods, access to low-cost medical insurance, and life-learning opportunities for older workers.

The super-aged phenomenon highlights the need for flexible part-time work, utilising life experience and offering economic benefits to both old and young employees.

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