The “Invisible Revolution” reveals Filipinos actively seeking new job opportunities

The “Invisible Revolution” is characterized by a shift in employees’ mindsets towards career progression, with an astonishing 9 in 10 Filipinos who changed jobs last year now open to new opportunities. Job transitions are now viewed as a regular part of their employment journey, showcasing a flexible approach to career growth.

According to the “The Invisible Revolution” report from Michael Page Philippines Talent Trends 2023, the pace of change is accelerating. 3 in 5 employees have already changed roles since the onset of the pandemic, the study revealed. It was participated by 1,306 employees all over the Philippines. This data indicates a fundamental shift in the workforce’s relationship with their jobs, leading to a more transactional approach to work.

Olly Riches, Senior Managing Director of Michael Page Indonesia, Singapore, and Philippines, emphasises the significance of this change, stating, “93% of all employees in the Philippines are open to considering new opportunities. Even generally content employees are exploring fresh career prospects. Filipino employees are now seeking a more comprehensive package – attractive salaries, flexibility, career growth, frequent recognition, and a work culture that aligns with their values in a range of areas, including sustainability, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

Nicholas Kirk, CEO at PageGroup, highlights that the trends observed in the Philippines reflect the global talent market sentiment, as transformative changes are being seen across all age groups, markets, and industries. This shift is reshaping the workplace and how businesses attract and retain their talent, moving beyond transient responses to a period of turbulence.

Given these findings, corporations in the Philippines are urged to rethink their talent strategies to adapt to the profound evolution of the job market. To secure the finest talent, employers must not only embrace these changes but also anticipate them, creating strategies that align with the aspirations of today’s job seekers.

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