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Nvidia Unveils Faster Chip Aimed at Cementing AI Dominance | Bloomberg

Nvidia Corp. announced on Tuesday that an updated AI processor gives a jolt to the chip’s capacity and speed, seeking to cement the company’s dominance in a burgeoning market.

The Grace Hopper Superchip, a combination of graphics chip and processor, will get a boost from a new type of memory, Nvidia said Tuesday at the Siggraph conference in Los Angeles. The product relies on high-bandwidth memory 3, or HBM3e, which is able to access information at a blazing 5 terabytes per second.


Google launches ‘Summer Special’ scheme offering $99 for Googlers to transition to the hybrid workplace | CNBC

Google is hoping to lure workers back to the office with a new on-site hotel special, but some workers aren’t convinced it’s a good deal.

The company said full-time employees can book a room at an on-campus hotel in Mountain View for $99 a night in what it’s deeming a “Summer Special,” according to materials viewed by CNBC. The description states that the special will run through Sept. 30 in hopes it’ll “make it easier for Googlers to transition to the hybrid workplace.”


Cryptoverse: All eyes on ChatGPT-maker’s Worldcoin | Reuters

Worldcoin has no problem attracting eyeballs. More than 2.2 million people have signed up, getting their irises scanned in exchange for a digital ID and, in some countries, free crypto.

The new project from ChatGPT founder Sam Altman aims to create a blockchain-based “identity and financial network”. Its native coin WLD has kept a steady price between $2 and $2.50 since its launch on July 24, thus far spared the “pump-and-dump” trajectory of many new crypto tokens.


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