The Reading List: HR-focused deep reads for the weekend

THOUGHT LEADERS: Southeast Asia is not immune to the massive layoffs from global tech companies. Now is a good time to re-evaluate the values of one’s company. Here are some related investigations, research and news analysis from around the world, curated by Chief of Staff Asia.

Layoffs by Email Show What Employers Really Think of Their Workers | The New York Times 

Veteran journalist and Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers considers layoffs by email to be “not just cruel but unnecessary,” and that the method lets managers off the hook when it comes to the potential direct criticism about their poor leadership. It also shows how uneven the balance is between what corporations expect from their employees and how employees are treated in return. This endangers the company’s own interests.

What Does Your Company Really Stand For? | Harvard Business Review

This research shows that there are several benefits to aligning an organisation’s values with not only the values of the employees, but the company’s strategy. These include higher job satisfaction, better team work, more effective contribution, lower turnover, and more diversity and inclusion. Read the steps to values alignment in this Harvard Business Review article.

TikTok-based HR conversations are coming for a new generation of workers | CNBC

A new tool for employee engagement comes from an unlikely source: social media video site TikTok. Dedicated spaces have appeared on the platform to talk about workplace-related issues over the past few years. “Content on TikTok accesses the younger generation in a direct way, so HR teams can set up space to communicate things like, ‘How do we deal with discrimination?’” says Lynda Folan, organizational psychologist and managing director Austalian management consultancy firm Inspired Development Solutions. “Now, we can deal with those tough topics in a more accessible way than we have in the past.”

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