The Reading List: The rise of the CHRO in Singapore; 83% of Gen Z workers job hoppers?; and more

Here is some light reading material curated by Chief of Staff Asia to keep you updated over the weekend.


The rise of the CHRO in Singapore | The Business Times
Chief human resources officers are increasingly recognised as key strategic figures in Singapore’s C-suite teams, as employee experience becomes increasingly important. This shift is driven by the ongoing pandemic, macroeconomic climate, and talent shortages, making HR leaders and their employee experience programs central to strategic business operations.

83% of Gen Z workers consider themselves job hoppers, study suggests | HR Dive
A report from ResumeLab reveals that 83% of Gen Z workers consider themselves job hoppers, despite 97% of them identifying work as part of their identity. This is a strategic move for these workers to diversify skill sets, pursue new challenges, and find environments that align with their values and ambitions, rather than a sign of instability.

Workers are quiet quitting, and only employers can stop it | BBC
The labour market is worsening, with many workers stuck in unfavorable jobs. Companies play a crucial role in addressing this issue. While job rates are declining, hiring has cooled, and demand for jobs outstrips supply. In the US and UK, hiring has dropped by 20.9% and 22.5%, respectively.

Alibaba CEO warns of being ‘displaced’ if the Chinese tech giant doesn’t keep up in AI | CNBC
Alibaba’s new CEO, Eddie Wu, has emphasized the need for the company to adopt a “start-up mindset” and focus on user experience. Wu, who took over from Daniel Zhang, emphasized the need for Alibaba to evolve faster in the face of tumultuous times and the need for the company to adapt to the changing world.


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