The Reading List: Short reads for the weekend

It’s almost the weekend! Here are some light reading materials curated by Chief of Staff Asia to help with your HR fix.
Blame culture is prevalent in the workplace. Pointing fingers is a fast and easy way to resolve a situation. But it drains team cohesion and it makes people afraid of owning up to their mistakes. How does one move away from the tendency to blame others? This piece from The Economist takes an insightful, tongue-in-cheek look at this pressing issue.
Office interactions between the generations, from Generation Z to the Baby Boomers, have often been painted as negative. The younger ones are too attached to their technology, the older ones are resistant to change, if the stereotypes are to be believed. This piece explores the advantages of a multi-generational flexible workspace and advises how to best manage employees from different ages and backgrounds.
“Asia’s workers are burning out, and this is going to cost us,” says Gordon Watson, CEO of French insurance group AXA in Asia and Africa. While several companies have made declarations about the importance of mental health, in this op-ed piece Watson posits that some practices implemented during the shift to remote and hybrid work may have done more harm than good. These include the mandatory installation of surveillance software on employee devices, which can signal a lack of trust from the employer and may be a source of paranoia for the employee.

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