Training: A key strategy to attract and retain people

Millennials and Generation Z comprise the majority of Southeast Asia’s workforce.

Unlike the generations that preceded them, these individuals place a stronger desire on a workplace environment that allows for professional and personal growth. HR leadership and team managers must understand what motivates these employees to attract and retain them.

Noppamas Sivakriskul, McKinsey & Company’s senior partner in Thailand, believes there is no shortage of keen young people coming out of the education system.

“The problem lies with the obstacles of adequately preparing them in a working environment. HR leaders could be doing more to ease this transition by plugging the skills gap with their training programs and specialised training facilities,” she said.

Mapping clear career pathways and mentoring programs must be a crucial component of their company retention strategy. The benefits of doing this are not limited to competitiveness, but also make it possible to create succession plans for ageing leadership.

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