What challenges are HR professionals facing in the banking industry?

BANKING AND FINANCE: In an exclusive interview with Chief of Staff Asia, Heriyanto Agung Putra, Human Capital Team Director at Danamon Bank in Indonesia said that the model of business is changing and preparing employees to be cross-functional is a necessity.


With attrition rates rising in Indonesia and, indeed across the region, staff engagement is something HR teams must manage.

“The expectation from employees and employers is completely different than it was pre-Covid-19. People recognise that there has been a huge change in the engine of business. Nobody wants to continue working in the same capacity for their whole tenure, so we must create more training opportunities, especially at the postgraduate level,” he said.

Creating a workforce that is well-prepared for the future of work is now high on the agenda for HR teams at Danamon so employees feel they have options within the organisation as opposed to looking elsewhere.

“We have less rigidity now than in the past. We have an excellent learning platform that allows all employees to access different types of learning. They can attain certification so we know they are capable of doing jobs outside their current role. This will benefit everyone in the long run.”

This is an excerpt from the Future Proof: Overcoming HR Challenges in Banking and Finance

Access the full report here.

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