WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week by HR influencers and leaders

THOUGHT LEADERS: Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have to say on today’s pressing issues:

“Leaders should take a deeper look at why employees seek such changes to be able to identify the root cause of employee needs.”

— Lauren Huntington, Employee Experience Strategist, Qualtrics.

In a talk with Chief of Staff Asia, Lauren Hungtington, Employee Experience Strategist at software firm Qualtrics said, leaders should focus on why workers look for change to pinpoint the cause of what they need. Huntington added that employers need to build a culture where people’s interests, well-being, and health are valued from the outset.

“ Flexible working means freedom to get your work done.”

– Bo Discarga, Founder and CEO, Betterteem

Software development company Betterteem founder and CEO Bo Discarga shared his insights on flexible work in a Linkedin post.

Discarga explained that flexible working doesn’t mean working when you want, but it’s getting the job done without being tied to a schedule or location. He also encouraged employees to use sound judgement to determine their workflow and when to do it.


“Leaders must have passion for what they believe in.”

– Farid Basir, Chief People Officer, MBSB Bank Berhad

In a LinkedIn thought piece, Farid Basir, Chief People Office at financial institution MSSB Bank Berhad explained that leaders must have passion for what they believe in. Basir added that passionate leaders communicate effectively and understand their people instead of advancing their own agendas.


“You need to have a strong and positive mindset to deal with challenges.”

– Serene Tan, Vice President Human Resources Malaysia Cluster, NS BlueScope

Reflecting on how she overcomes challenges, Serene Tan, prefabricated steel firm NS BlueScope’s Vice President Human Resources Malaysia Cluster said people must have a positive outlook to deal with and overcome hurdles.

Tan explained that building trust in yourself and improving your ability to influence the situation are also crucial factors to successfully overcoming hardships.

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