WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week by HR influencers and leaders

Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have been saying this past week across social media, industry research, and other platforms.

Anna Chua Norbert“Awards and honors are awesome benchmarks to see where we can improve further, but they are (also) marketing tools that are used to promote our business” — Anna Chua-Norbert, Managing Director, DDB

Chua-Norbert was recently promoted to managing director of the creative agency. In a LinkedIn post, she talks candidly about the importance of awards and honors as a marketing tool, but adds that it in the end, it is how HR professionals look after people that makes a company successful and sustainable.




11“Importing talent into Southeast Asia is unsustainable; we need to identify and incubate to build future ready leaders now!” — Mark Maclean, HR Transformation Leader, Deloitte Southeast Asia

Maclean was commenting on a recent study by Deloitte, which noted that despite organisations recognising the importance of having the right business model to retain employees, only 24% are taking steps to change. While the study had a global scope, he says that the Southeast Asia is also experiencing disruptions in the workplace such as how offices are no longer seen as strictly physical, and low employee engagement. “Only organisations that are ready to pivot now to redefine work outcomes, implement systems to harness skills and experiences and understand their future skill requirements can transition into a state where they thrive on disruptions,” Maclean added.



12Don’t just follow other people. Be yourself. Be the best version of you,” — Khairul Aiman, HR executive, Nestle

Malaysia-based HR professional Aiman shared a talk that he gave as an Universiti Teknologi MARA alumnus. He says there are a lot of ways to learn, aside from taking university courses, that could help one upskill. “We are all a leader of our own self,” he adds, noting the importance of harnessing one’s particular set of capabilities in becoming a better leader.

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