WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

THOUGHT LEADERS: The long holiday break is over and here are what HR thought leaders have to say about going back to work:

“When you go on a long break and vacation, you do not rush and plunge (back) into your work like normal times. You warm up first. Strategise your priorities”

– Francis Kong, President of Success Options

Manila-based leadership training expert Francis Kong likenes going back to work after long break to exercising. Warming up and cooling down is important in working out, and the same applies to going back to work after a long vacation. He added that jumping recklessly back to work may cause more stress.

“I used to think I was in love with my work. But I was mistaken. It’s the people at work I really loved”

– David Wee, Advisor, Avvanz

Wee, who was formerly Chief Talent Officer at Sinarmas Group, recalled what it felt like to actually tell an employee that he was proud of them. He previously believed that as a leader, he should not show emotions to his employees. But this changed when he had to tell an employee that they were getting a well-deserved promotion.

Wee is currently an advisor, not just for Singapore-based HRTech firm Avvanz, but also for India-based Institute for Advanced Studies in Complex Choices.


“If you can’t be one of the reasons why someone stays in a company, try to at least not be someone’s reason why they want to leave”

– Patrick Jess Dimayuga, Recruitment Manager, Aboitiz Power

Dimayuga shared this tip for future leaders, that could also apply to people in the HR profession. He draws from a long experience of working in talent acquisition and team management.


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