WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

Immerse yourself in the wisdom shared by respected HR and business luminaries from across Southeast Asia as they offer their insightful views on the most urgent matters of the day.


“Overseeing remote employees requires a shift in focus away from compensation. Aligning leadership styles with company work protocols becomes paramount.” – Tsubasa Nakazawa, Managing Director, Kintone Southeast Asia Sdn. Bhd.

In our recent op-ed article, Tsubasa Nakazawa emphasised the importance for organisations to align their leadership styles to cultivate a setting where employees have the space to perform independently and work proactively. In           transitioning to remote or hybrid work settings, micromanagement and                       constant oversight become outdated.



“You can have a great strategy but if you don’t have people to execute, the strategy goes nowhere.” – Doris Sohmen-Pao, CEO, Human Capital Leadership Institute

In her interview, Sohmen-Pao expressed the importance of having an effective way for leaders to develop breadth and learning for their employees; while in smaller organisations, leaders can create the opportunity to learn by providing employees earlier responsibilities and the ability to work outside of a predefined                                                  scope.



“HR teams have taken the lead in transforming workforce strategies, prompting organisations to listen to employees more often and with more conviction.” – Dr. Cecelia Herbert, Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute, Qualtrics

In her recent interview, Dr. Herbert explained that one of the biggest challenges HR leaders now face is elevating HR operations further to become intrinsically aligned with future business outcomes. In response to to this, HR teams have                                                     taken the lead in transforming workforce strategies, prompting organisations                                                       to listen to employees more often and with more conviction.


arlene-de-castroDiversity and inclusion are critical issues that every organization should address. – Arlene de Castro, Chief People and Customer Officer of Sprout Solutions

Sprout Solutions recently released a report wherein over 400 HR professionals and over 2,200 employees of different companies and industries, 44 percent said that the perception gap between employees “feeling included” and leaders “believing so” is not helpful but serves more as a barrier in achieving diversity and inclusion efforts                                                                  set by the supervisors.





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