WHO SAYS: Quotes of the week from HR influencers and leaders

THOUGHT LEADERS: Here’s what HR and business leaders across Southeast Asia and global HR communities have to say on today’s pressing issues:

“Attracting and retaining top talent through compensation and other direct benefits is not enough.” — Louise Pender, General Counsel and Chief People Officer, Zalora

Speaking with Chief of Staff Asia, e-commerce platform Zalora’s Louise Pender said it’s important for companies to listen to their employees and respond to their changing needs. Pender explained that what works today may not necessarily work in the future when it comes to fostering employee engagement.

She added that it’s crucial for businesses to create an excellent working environment where people can develop a strong connection with the company and enhance their desire for success.


“ Change is both a mindset and a process.” — Michelle Morales, Co-Founder, Leading With Success

e-Learning firm Leading With Success’s Co-Founder Michelle Morales said change is not just a concept, but it’s a mindset and sometimes a gruelling process that takes time. She also urged leaders to be kind in times of huge changes, encouraging them to be more emphatic to fellow leaders and employees going through major and life-altering events.


“You can only be so sparkly after getting some hard knocks here and there and that’s okay.” — Suet Ling Foong, Senior Manager, People & Culture, 7-Eleven Malaysia

In a thought piece on LinkedIn, retail firm 7-Eleven Malaysia’s Suet Ling Foong reminisced about first stepping into the workforce. She said workers are typically fresh and full of hope at the start of their careers, but some hard knocks can take away that spark.

Foong added that it’s pretty common to encounter work challenges, but it’s crucial to still see things with a new perspective. She also urged employees to be courageous, especially when asking questions even if at times it makes them the least popular person in the room.

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