Workers in Singapore find job fulfilment in AI-powered automation

According to a recent survey commissioned by UiPath, a global automation software company, 69% of Singaporean employees believe that AI-powered automation can tackle workplace burnout and enhance job satisfaction.

The survey, conducted in March 2023, indicated that 49% of the workforce is already leveraging business automation solutions, ranking second globally.

Furthermore, 73% of respondents favour employers that utilise business automation for employee support and operational modernisation.

Respondents claimed automation could increase work flexibility (47%), provide time for new skill acquisition (43%), and reduce manual tasks (42%).

Automation has reportedly improved productivity (55%), accuracy (46%), and internal workflows (45%) for those using it.

The survey found broad support across generations, with most Generation Z (85%), Millennial (72%), Generation X (65%), and Baby Boomer (57%) employees seeing automation’s potential benefits in their work.

These findings underline Singapore’s growing acceptance of AI-powered automation as a tool for increased job satisfaction and productivity.

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