WSG launches new career conversion programme

The launch of a new career conversion programme (CCP) will help 200 workers to reskill and take on business functions, including sustainability reporting and implementation or development of carbon projects.

Workforce Singapore (WSG) announced the launch of the CCP early this month at Eunoia Junior College. Deputy Prime Minister Heng See Keat spearheaded the launch.

The program aims to help trainees gain skills in regulatory compliance and emission reporting, which could lead to employment opportunities in that field.

WSG will also provide funding to employers for up 70% of a trainee’s monthly salary, capped at SGD 4,000 per trainee per month for the training duration.

Moreover, the program will support the creation of new jobs such as carbon analysts and sustainability officers. Some of the sectors involved in the programme are built environment and construction, energy and power, and consultancy.

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