Jennie Lim: A shining star in HR leadership

Best HR Leader - Jennie Lim

In the world of HR, some leaders stand out for their exceptional dedication and empathy. One such standout is Jennie Lim, who recently claimed the prestigious title of Best HR Leader at the HR Stars Awards 2023, representing Nexus International School. Jennie’s approach to HR management is nothing short of inspiring. She not only manages […]

Best Digital HR Winner: Tech should improve employee experience


Proper technological know-how and availability of equipment—the pandemic taught plenty of organisations how important these are, and was no exception. Faced by unpredictable circumstances in terms of both business outcomes and human behaviour, it became clear to the Indonesian company just how big an impact digital technology can make. Branding Officer Derrel Jeremias Marvianus […]

Kredivo Group: fostering collaboration, innovation, and fun


Kredivo Group has earned the esteemed Best Workplace Culture and Environment award in HR Stars Awards 2023, showcasing not only its fintech excellence but also its exceptional workplace culture. At the core of Kredivo’s success lies a vibrant culture of collaboration, innovation, and fun. Employees, known as KrediKrew, are empowered to shape their own Kredivo […]

Breaking barriers: GrowthOps Asia’s path to inclusivity and empowerment


GrowthOps Asia, the recipient of the Best Diversity and Inclusion Strategies in HR Stars Awards, is leading the way in redefining success in the tech industry. By celebrating cultural events, promoting gender equality, embracing generational talent, and implementing flexible work policies, the company has created an inclusive and thriving workforce. At GrowthOps, cultural diversity is […]

Indonesia bank weathers pandemic through employee- and community-centred response

UOB Indonesia_Best Covid Management Strategies

Among entries for the HR Stars Awards 2023, it was the Covid management strategies of UOB Indonesia that garnered the top spot. The bank had the Business Continuity Management Task Force (BCMTF) at its core, which was established at the very beginning of the pandemic in 2020. The bank’s operational commitment as well as staff […]

UOB Indonesia CEO goes strong with HR collaboration, active calls for unity


Hendra Gunawan, CEO of the United Overseas Bank (UOB) Indonesia, is the HR Stars Awards 2023 Best CEO With An HR Focus for his firm commitment to employee wellbeing and development. He has displayed this through clear and open communication, allowing everyone in the company a voice regardless of seniority or role. Over time, this […]

Shah Md: a visionary HR leader driving organisational success


Shah Md., the esteemed HR leader of Big 3 Group, has been awarded the Best HR Leader at the prestigious HR Stars Awards 2023. Over his career, Shah has demonstrated exceptional leadership and strategic acumen, elevating the HR function and transforming the organisation’s approach to talent management and employee experience. Within just 4 years, Shah […]

AG&P HR team: leading culture transformation for success


Atlantic Gulf & Pacific, Inc. (AG&P) clinched the coveted Best HR Team award at the HR Stars Awards 2023 in Singapore, owing to its remarkable efforts in spearheading a culture transformation and rekindling employee engagement. As AG&P prepared to venture into the energy line of business, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic brought forth uncertainties, […]

Authenticity, passion, courage: the keys to transformative leadership

Authenticity, passion, courage: the keys to transformative leadership

It has been almost 16 years since Sonia McDonald, a respected figure in the leadership and transformation space, founded LeadershipHQ. Prior to that, she held a senior HR role based in Shanghai, China, for Korn/Ferry International Futurestep Inc.  Upon moving back to Australia, she initially sought to reset her life and career, while staying within […]

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