The First Word: Being skills-powered is non-negotiable today


Traditionally, work was a place we’d go to. But now, it has become more about what we do — from anywhere. It’s all part of a new talent equation of supply and demand based on skills being critical for organizational success. Very soon, jobs will no longer be the sole corporate unit that everything in […]

The First Word: Adapting to a borderless workforce in Singapore


Every company today is now competing in the global economy. Traditional work models have evolved in the aftermath of the pandemic, and employees and businesses alike have begun to embrace remote work as the future of work. What trends have arised as companies in Singapore and the wider Southeast Asia region navigate through the challenges […]

The First Word: Four signs an organisation is “wellbeing washing”


More companies in Singapore are starting to recognise the importance of including mental health benefits in their corporate insurance coverage. The shift comes in response to the growing call that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic to take mental wellbeing more seriously. Insurers in Singapore have noted a steady increase in corporate insurance coverage for mental […]

The First Word: There’s no profit without people


It’s common knowledge that the key business goal for all companies is revenue generation. Strong profits are driven by solid performances, and the “magic formula” for generating such performance continues to be one that is debated among key executives. Though leaders may be well-intentioned in the performance outcomes they seek to reap, there is the […]

The First Word: Beyond the buzz: Unlocking the potential of AI in HR


It’s here. It’s palpable. It’s evolving rapidly. Artificial intelligence is no longer something we’re looking at in the future; it is already touching our lives and transforming the way we work. Generative AI has brought the technology a lot closer to us, enabling people to see up-close the power of AI with AI-driven tools doing […]

The First Word: Retaining talent in auditing as pressure builds


The audit profession’s talent shortage issue has become more pronounced recently.  The number of hired auditors in key roles has not kept up with the growing demand for professional audit services. The number of qualified graduates joining auditing  has also dwindled. This article explains how recent high-profile audit partner allegations have affected  the audit profession, […]

The First Word: Levelling the playing field through automation


According to the International Labour Organization, many Asian economies are finding it difficult to respond to the skills needed for the workforce in this era of globalisation, emerging technologies, and changing nature of work. Inevitably, historically marginalised groups like women are more at risk of losing out as a result. In Singapore, official statistics show […]

The First Word: In defence of HR’s right-sizing responsibility

The First Word: In defence of HR's right-sizing responsibility

Business media has changed a lot over the past decade, but one thing continues to be a common trait across generations, and regional borders. That’s the idea that retrenching staff and reducing headcount can be a traitorous move for an organisation of any significant size.  Retrenchment exercises are, often quite rightly, delivered as grave news, […]

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