Singapore to raise wages and hire more workers, survey


Singapore companies are planning to raise wages and hire more workers in the next 12 months, despite a lack of optimism about economic prospects. This is according to a survey by the Singapore Business Federation (SBF), which found that 67% of respondents plan to increase wages, with an average rise of 6%. The survey also […]

Singapore banks enhance employee parental leaves


HSBC Singapore and Deutsche Bank announced increasing the parental leave benefits of their employees to advocate for employees’ mental health and work-life balance. HSBC Singapore has increased its parental leave policies, extending maternity leave to 26 weeks and paternity leave to eight weeks, effective 1 September 2023. According to Mukul Anand, Head of HR, HSBC […]

Skilled workers and low wages draw businesses to Southeast Asia


A recent survey by HSBC Commercial Banking found that international businesses operating in Southeast Asia are increasingly confident about their prospects for continued growth in the region. The survey also found that a skilled workforce and competitive wage prices are the most attractive market features for business expansion. The survey, which covered more than 3,500 […]

Employers offer more benefits to attract and keep top talent


Employers in the Philippines are increasingly offering more competitive benefits packages in order to attract and retain top talent, according to a new survey by Willis Towers Watson (WTW). The survey, which polled 5,233 employers in the Philippines, found that 80% of respondents view competition for talent as the main factor in determining the benefits […]

HR Ecosystem Awards: Leave and attendance management


Managing leave and attendance is a two-pronged function in leading personnel: on one hand, HR tracks employees’ productivity and time worked; on the other hand, HR is most aware of their time off for a variety of reasons. With the plethora of complexities in leave policies and types of leave, shift work and scheduling, carryover, […]

Businesses in Malaysia optimistic about Q3, will retain employees


A majority of businesses in Malaysia anticipate retaining their employees in Q3 2023, according to a report by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM). The report also found that businesses are optimistic about the overall business situation in the quarter, with a confidence indicator of 0.7%. The positive business sentiment is being driven by the […]

Five ways Compensation and Benefits practice is changing with wider use of technology


In the dynamic landscape of HR in Southeast Asia, the rapid integration of technology has ushered in transformative shifts, particularly within the realm of compensation and benefits. As organisations embrace the digital era, traditional approaches to rewarding and engaging employees are evolving at an unprecedented pace. In this Chief of Staff Five, we delve into […]

Seizing “the moment that matters” with Sony Music Entertainment


Wendy Weehuizen, Vice President of People Experience at Sony Music Entertainment in Asia and the Middle East, says her career in people management has stemmed from a passion for systems thinking and belief in building connections to spark “innate joy”. Working with senior stakeholders and diverse teams toward common goals “energises” her, she tells Chief […]

Singapore staff undertaking most unpaid hours in the region


Averaging 8.19 hours weekly, Singapore ranks among APAC’s top for unpaid hours, just trailing India (10.65 hrs) and surpassing China (7.50 hrs) and Australia (7.17 hrs). This revelation emphasizes the need for employer awareness of the global and regional implications of unpaid work. What’s the impact of unpaid overtime on productivity? Yvonne Teo, Vice President […]

Opportunities abroad stir up talent retention in Indonesia


Beyond educating and training the next generation of professionals in Indonesia, HR needs ways to find and retain talent. The existing skilled workforce is now in high demand, and this is aggravated by an increased rate of internationalisation. Indonesian workers with applicable qualifications may be enticed to foreign companies, reducing Indonesia’s human capital even further. […]

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